From the Pastor

Pastor Mike and Jennifer-St PaulPastor Mike Nesbit and his wife Jennifer have been married since March 16th, 1996. They have been blessed with two children, Nicole and Alex. Pastor Mike attended the Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, and completed the SMP program in June of 2014.

Upon accepting the Call to St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in February, Pastor Mike was installed on March 8th, 2015.

“The Lord has blessed my family and I beyond measure, as I accepted His Call to serve Him here at St. Paul. I look forward to many years of ministry here in our new home.”
–Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Newsletter Message

“Tis’ the Season – For Healthy Choices

It goes by so fast. Summer. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago when the kids got out of school, and their summer vacations began. But now, classes have already resumed, and the short time spent away from their teachers has past. Ready or not school has begun, and all of the extra-curricular activities are now back into full swing.

Tis’ the season. When family schedules are stretched to the limit, and calendars begin to get filled up with all sorts of things. The lazy days of summer are gone, and it seems as if everyone in the family is now busy with work or school. Nights have also become quite hectic in most households, as parents and students try to juggle homework, practices, and games. Weekends are no better. Time away from the busy workweek has become a free-for-all, with families headed in all sorts of different directions.

Living in today’s society has become very stressful. We have so many blessings from God yet, we don’t have enough time or energy to enjoy them. As we continue year after year running around in circles, many of us wonder, “How much longer can I keep up this frantic pace?” Jesus speaks to us in the Gospel of Matthew. He says to the weary, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28.)

Today, Jesus offers up a healthy choice for His disciples. We can continue to allow our busy lives to deplete us and drag us down – or – we can listen to the Lord, and be lifted up. Jesus says, “Come to me… and I will give you rest.”

If your household is like mine, I know that your family will benefit greatly as soon as you make some healthy choices. Before your schedule becomes consumed with school and all of the activities that come along with it, try to carve out some time to be with the Lord, so that He can provide for you (and them) some much needed rest.

There are many opportunities for us to spend time with the Lord. It only takes a few minutes to read the Scriptures daily or do a devotion on your own. But I feel that the best way to be with the Lord is to worship Him here at St. Paul. In a little over an hour each week, you can receive from God everything that your soul needs and requires, as you continue in your walk of faith toward the heavenly goal.

But it only begins there. Just as school is vitally important for learning about reading, writing, and arithmetic, the study of the Scriptures is absolutely essential if you seek to “Come to the Lord” earnestly. For this very reason, Sunday School classes and a new Sunday morning adult Bible study will begin on Sept. 11th. YDC classes will resume on Sept. 14th, and the Pew Sisters and Basement Brothers small groups will be starting new Bible studies in September. These are all great and wonderful opportunities for you and your entire family to spend time with the Lord.

But, are you willing to make some healthy choices? Are you willing to carve out a spot in your busy and hectic schedule to receive from the Lord His peace and rest? I hope and pray that you do. I hope and pray that we all do, because we all desperately need Him.